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Welcome to the Element Finance Documentation Portal

Element Finance is a decentralized finance protocol that enables users to seek high fixed yield income in the DeFi market. Users can access, via the ecosystem and existing AMMs at a discount without being locked into a term, allowing the exchange of the discounted asset and the base asset at any time. The fixed rate income can be secured with the exchange of any major base asset. The Element protocol does not require trusted intermediaries and allows for fast and efficient trading of fixed and variable yields.

Types of Users

Within the Element Protocol, there are 3 types of Users.

Fixed Rate Buyers: These are the users who BUY PRINCIPAL TOKENS at a discount facilitated by our AMMs. Users are ONLY earning a Fixed Rate if they BUY PRINCIPAL TOKENS AT A DISCOUNT, Users who Mint Principal Tokens and Yield Tokens are not earning a Fixed Rate.

Variable Rate Depositors: These are users who DEPOSIT THEIR BASE ASSET into Element to MINT PRINCIPAL TOKENS AND YIELD TOKENS.

Liquidity Providers: These are users who provide liquidity into the Element AMM’s. Users require both Principal Tokens as well as the underlying asset to provide liquidity into the fixed rate AMM and will earn trading fees.

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