Guide: Mint Your ELF NFT

With the launch of the ELFI token and the Element DAO, Element Finance has now released the Elfiverse NFT collection as a gift to the community. If you made it into the minting whitelist, read on to learn how to mint yours!

Who can mint?

The first minting phase went live on April 6th, 2022. The first 4,700 protocol users to have claimed and delegated their ELFI token airdrop were included into the whitelist and are eligible to mint.

We'll release more details about subsequent minting phases for the remaining 5,300 NFTs further down the line.

How do I mint my ELF NFT?

  • Go to the mint page of Element's Elfiverse website.

  • Connect wallet: Use either of the available Connect Wallet buttons.

  • Confirm Mint: The website will automatically check for your eligibility status. If eligible, you'll see a Confirm Mint button. Click on it to mint your ELF NFT! This will prompt a blockchain transaction from your web3 wallet.

  • Mint in progress: You'll see a loading screen while waiting for your Claim NFT transaction to complete.

  • Your ELF Collection: Once your transaction is completed, you'll be directed to your ELF collection screen, where you can see your minted ELF NFT as well as other minting stats.

  • Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of one ELF NFT!

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