Guide: Delegating Voting Power

You can assign your Voting Power to yourself or someone else. If you delegate your voting power to someone else, they can vote on your behalf. If you opt for delegation, it's vital that you select a delegate whose vision for how the protocol should evolve is aligned with your own, as your votes would be counted towards theirs when they choose to vote on proposals through the governance process.

Who can delegate Voting Power?

Element users who have received voting power assigned to their address, whether via the Main Claim Flow, the Discord ZK Claim Flow, or the Github ZK Claim Flow, can choose to delegate their voting power. Community members with voting power can delegate their voting power to any delegate, valid address, or delegate it to themselves if they would like to be actively involved in the governance process.

Please note that 100% of one’s voting power must be delegated to a single address, and therefore, voting power cannot be split and assigned to multiple delegates.

How to delegate your Voting Power

  • Go to the Element's Council Dashboard and connect your wallet on the top right-hand side.

  • Click on Delegate, in the left sidebar menu. You will be able to choose one of three options:

    • Select a delegate from the list of ‘Featured Delegates’

    • Assign your voting power to yourself (self-delegate)

    • Enter a valid wallet address to which to delegate your votes

  • After choosing your Delegate, you'll be asked to review the amount of voting power to claim and the Delegate's address to which you've assigned voting power. Note that this will prompt you with a blockchain transaction which will entail gas fees.

  • After confirming your transaction, you’ll see a confirmation of your delegation. Please note that you can delegate your voting power to a different address at any time, you’re never stuck with your delegate selection.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve delegated your voting power, your delegate (or you, in case of self-delegation) can use your voting power to vote on proposals.

  • Explore the Proposals page to stay updated on all new developments

  • Head to the Delegate page to review or change your delegation

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