Protocol (Executable) Proposal Template

Protocol (Executable) Proposal Template

EGP#: <# to be assigned>
Title: <EGP title>
Author(s): <list of authors' names and/or Twitter/GitHub handles>
Type: Protocol Proposal
Status: <Assigned by GSC or Forum moderators >
Date Proposed: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>


  • A list of supporting materials referenced by this EGP.

Sentence Summary

  • A description of what the Element Governance Proposal (EGP) is focused on in 30 words maximum.

Paragraph Summary

  • A description of what the Element Governance Proposal (EGP) is focused on.


  • A short description of the motivation behind the proposed technical feature, solution, or upgrade.


Describe the details of the proposed technical solution. The specification should be detailed enough to allow an implementation to begin as well as testing. The specification for technical EGPs must include the following components:

Proposed Code

  • The final code that could be used directly in the on-chain vote to execute the EGP.

Test Cases

  • For the implementation or testing of the proposed code.

Security Considerations

  • This section is to include or (proactively document) any security-relevant design information, potential failure modes, implementation details, and important discussions related to the proposed change.

Technical Review Plan or Audit Information (If already available)

  • This section is to include the process for reviewing and auditing the code. If there are no audits available yet, describe the plan for it. A Protocol proposal should NOT move to a final vote without being reviewed/audited. Therefore, it is recommended to be as detailed as possible in this section.

Next Steps (Voting Outcome Summary)

  • Clearly outline the next steps for this proposal. This includes a recommended review period for the technical solution, what voting “yes” and “no” entails, and what the outcome and next steps would be if the proposal were to pass the Off-Chain Poll and On-Chain Vote.

  • For example:

    • Discuss this proposal on the forum and discord.

    • Implement a poll on this proposal on Snapshot.

      • If passed: This proposal will move to an audit review period.

    • A code review process will take X and should not be moved to an On-Chain vote before it has been deemed safe.

    • Implemented a vote on this proposal on Element Governance Dashboard

      • If passed: This proposal will be executed and the following will be implemented to the Element Protocol or the Element Council Protocol.

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