Current Governance Roles


  • You can assign all of your Voting Power in the governance system to yourself or someone else, and they can vote on your behalf. This is called Delegation. It's important that you select a delegate who is aligned with your vision for how the Element Protocol should evolve, as your votes would be counted towards their selection. You can delegate in Element DAO governance here.

Governance Steering Council (GSC)

  • The GSC is a group of delegates, each of whom has reached a pre-established threshold of delegated voting power, giving them additional governance powers within the system, and as a result, additional responsibilities.

  • The opportunity to be on the GSC is open to anyone and can be earned by garnering enough delegated voting power. On the other hand, GSC members will have to stay aligned and relate to the general sentiments of the public to maintain their positions on the Council and make the best decisions for their delegators. Otherwise, they may lose their delegated votes to another GSC member or new governance community member and fall off from the council (a failure for a specific GSC member to accrue delegated votes would indicate their disconnect to the general community of voters).

  • In the future, GSC members may have other special functions (propose votes directly on-chain, spend a portion of treasury funds at their discretion, etc.), different responsibilities (DAO2DAO relationships, collaborations, treasury management, community engagement, etc.), and might (depending upon a vote) be compensated for the time and effort that they dedicate to improving the Protocol. All of these functions and responsibilities must be defined and ratified through the governance process.

Note: being a delegate and a GSC member is not mutually exclusive.

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