On-chain Voting Information

After a proposal has been created on-chain it is subject to a Timelock Duration, Voting Periods, and Quorums. The initial governance (GSC, voting, delegation, etc) parameters can be found below.

Important Note: All parameters described below may be changed by the governance community through a proposal and vote.

Governance Parameters

ParameterShort DescriptionValue / Voting Power% of Total Voting Power


The required minimum number of voting power in support of a proposal for it to succeed.

1.1 million

1.1 million

Proposal threshold

The amount of voting power needed to submit a governance proposal on-chain.

55 thousand

0.45% (1/20th of Quorum)

Timelock Duration

The timelock is a speed bump for calls. It requires calls to wait for a defined period before they can be executed. After a call is registered, the call can be removed during the waiting period, and an authorized address can extend the waiting period only once.

604800 seconds


Voting Period

The total voting period in which votes can be cast. [Minimum voting period][extra voting period] is the layout of the total time for voting.

51968 blocks (~8 days)

Minimum Voting Period

The minimum time before a vote can be executed.

19488 blocks (~3 days)


Extra Voting Period

The time beyond the minimum time period in which votes can be cast.

32480 blocks (~5 days)


Vesting Vault Token Multiplier

The multiplier for voting power on the vesting vault. The vesting vault allows locked / vesting positions to still have voting power in the governance system and does so by using a defined multiplier for the vested tokens over unvested.



GSC-Only Parameters

ParameterShort DescriptionValue% of Total Voting Power

GSC Proposal Threshold

The amount of GSC members needed to propose a GSC vote on-chain.



GSC Delegation Threshold

A threshold of delegated voting power, giving delegates a seat on the GSC. This comes with additional governance powers within the system, and as a result, additional responsibilities.

110 thousand

0.90% (1/10th of Quorum)

GSC Quorum

The required minimum number of GSC members needed to support a proposal for it to succeed.



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