Proposals & Proposal Types

Element Governance Proposals (EGPs)

EGPs are standardized proposals subject to voting that (once enacted) regulate and define the behavior of the Element DAO's Governance system and the Element Protocol.

Proposal Types

1. Protocol (Executable)

This category of proposals should be used when implementation involves the execution of one or more smart contract operations by accounts controlled by the Element DAO.

Examples: Technical upgrades to the Element Protocol, additional features, incentive programs, and more.

Details: Executable Proposals will pass by a simple majority if the quorum has been met. Note that quorum isn’t a percentage but rather a flat amount. There are specific types of votes that can have lower or higher quorums. For example, when spending for grants, spending may involve having various amounts and having different quorums for each level of spending. Or, for governance actions such as freezing the protocol, one might choose a high quorum for further security.

2. DAO (Social)

This category of proposals should be used when a community member makes a request of the DAO that cannot be executed or enforced on-chain.

Examples: Adding, improving, or removing governance processes, such as updating the Element Governance Framework itself or migrating forums or communication channels to other venues.

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