Protocol (Executable) Proposal Lifecycle Breakdown & Criteria

Protocol (Executable) Proposal Lifecycle Breakdown & Criteria

Official Status Lifecycle for a Protocol (Executable) Proposal

[Idea] ➡️ [Draft] ➡️ [Proposed] ➡️ [Off-chain Poll] ➡️ [On-chain Vote] ➡️ [Accepted/Rejected] ➡️ [Execution]

Full Lifecycle For A Protocol (Executable) Proposal (including review periods)

[Idea] ➡️ [Draft] ➡️ [Proposed] ➡️ [Review] ➡️ [Off-chain Poll] ➡️ [Review] ➡️ [On-chain Vote] ➡️ [Accepted/Rejected] ➡️ [Execution]


  • The Idea status is an informal stage of the lifecycle of an ElementDAO governance proposal. This is when an idea is seeded for a proposal and has been posted on Discord, the Commonwealth forums, or even Twitter.


  • The Draft status is a formal status on the Commonwealth forums, where a proposal has been created using the provided template in hopes of getting support and feedback from the community. Based on community feedback, the author of the proposal should make updates and edits to the proposal. The goal of theDraft proposal status is to get enough feedback and support to achieve soft consensus in order to confidently proceed with a formal proceed without it getting immediately shot down. The draft proposal status also helps avoid having “garbage proposals” make it through to Off-chain polls and helps eliminate voting fatigue that the community would face without this stage.

  • Once posted on the governance forum as a Draft, all questions and comments should be addressed and taken into consideration, to further improve the proposal before moving to the next stage. If they are ignored, it is less likely for the proposal to pass the Off-chain Poll.


  • The Proposed status is a formal status on the Element Commonwealth forums, where a proposal has officially been submitted to proceed to the Off-Chain Poll stage after the dedicated review period. If the Draft proposal did not contain any official code and just a specification, this proposal would include the exact code that will be executed. This way anyone could verify the hash that is included on-chain.

  • Once a proposal has been submitted under this status, it will officially be given an ID. IDs are given based on increments of submission. For example, the first proposal will be [EGP-1]: Title of Proposal. The second proposal would be [EGP-2]: Title of Proposal and so on.

Review Period (not an official proposal status)

  • The In-Review status is a formal status on the Element Commonwealth forums, where a proposal sits in review for the community to discuss and prepare for the upcoming Off-Chain Poll.

  • Protocol (Executable) Proposals Review Period: 1 week

Off-Chain Poll (Snapshot)

  • The Off-Chain Poll status is a formal status on the Element Commonwealth forums and can be voted on directly in the forum or directly on the Element Snapshot page (link). A proposal that has completed the review period, will proceed to an Off-chain poll (Snapshot). The main requirement of a Protocol proposal on Snapshot is to include Calldatas and Targets should be included to verify the on-chain proposalHash when it is created.

  • The goal of the Off-Chain Poll is to gather community sentiment towards the proposal and gather feedback to direct the preferred path. This Poll allows the community to reach a rough consensus to maximize the chances of a positive outcome of the On-chain vote submission.

  • Note: From the launch of governance, the admins of Snapshot will coordinate the off-chain polling until the GSC takes it on or the DAO decides to onboard a governance contributor or team to fill the role. In the future, it would make sense to use a multisig with a single account threshold to add an off-chain proposal. This way any member of the GSC would be able to add a proposal.

Review Period (not an official proposal status)

  • This review period is for Protocol proposal code review. If the code is already audited it may be a short period of time but if the audit or review has not started, the proposal should not move to an on-chain vote until it has been complete. The review period is meant to start out as flexible but may become more strict as the governance process evolves. Transparency and communication is encouraged by the proposal author during this stage.

On-chain Vote

  • The On-chain Vote status is a formal status on the Element Commonwealth forums where proposals can be voted on directly on the official Element governance dashboard.


  • The Accepted/Rejected status is the final state of a proposal after being voted on. If it passes, it is officially accepted and is given the Accepted status. If not, the proposal is rejected and labeled as such.

Executable/Executed (For Protocol Proposals only)

  • Once a proposal has reached the winning quorum (specific number), the proposal may be executed. This status states that the proposal is ready to be officially executed.

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