The Proposal Process Overview

As mentioned in the Proposal Types section, there are two proposal processes for the Element Governance Framework: 1-Protocol (Executable) Proposals and 2-DAO (Social) Proposals.

Detailed Summary

  1. Anyone can post a proposal on the forum for discussion within the community. All proposals follow the same general process from idea to acceptance, with the exception of a review period for Protocol proposals after the Off-chain (Snapshot) Polling stage, for code review.

  2. Using the EGPF guidelines, a proposal is created and submitted to the Element DAO governance forum on Commonwealth as an idea or skipping the idea and going to a Draft. In the forum, proposals are posted on the following Topics:

    Templates for both types of proposals are pinned at the top of the forum Topic.

  3. Once it has been posted as a Draft, all questions and comments should be addressed and taken into consideration, to further improve the proposal before moving to the next stage. If they are ignored, it is less likely that the proposal will pass the subsequent off-chain poll on Snapshot.

  4. Once the author of the proposal has incorporated any relevant feedback and made the necessary revisions, the GSC will mark the proposal as officially “Proposed” (note, initially this action will be carried out by the forum admin until the inaugural GSC is ready to take over this responsibility).

  5. Once the proposal has been marked with the “Proposed” status on Commonwealth or the author has stated it is officially ready to move forward, there will be a 1 week review period for the community to review, discuss, and prepare for the Off-Chain Poll.

  6. After the 1 week review period, the proposal will officially proceed to the off-chain poll step.

  7. After the Snapshot poll has finished (the voting period is 5 days):

    1. For DAO Proposals, this is the final decision of the proposal being officially accepted or rejected by the community.

    2. For Protocol Proposals, the sentiment of the community will be officially captured. If the poll passes, it will advance to the next stage of the lifecycle. If the poll is rejected, the author may go back and update it to better position it for future consideration.

  8. After the successful passing of the off-chain poll, the Protocol Proposal must go through a long enough review period to have gone through an official code audit/review and be deemed safe to advance to an on-chain poll and possible execution.

  9. Once the review period is complete (along with the audit/review), the proposal will move to an on-chain vote (the voting period is 8 days max). The outcome of the on-chain vote will dictate whether or not it is executable. If it passes, it is officially accepted and can move to execution into the Element Protocol. If it is rejected, no execution will occur.

  10. After a Protocol proposal has been executed, the lifecycle of the proposal concludes.

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